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Motul 5100 4T 10w40 4L
Olej Technosynthese- Ester Technology- Spełnia wymagania producentów motocykli...
Cena: 138.96 złkup teraz
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Motul Outboard Synth 2T 1L

Motul Outboard Synth 2T 1L motul oleje
pojemność: 1 l
Cena : 79.38 zł kup teraz Dodaj do koszyka
Zastosowanie: Olej silnikowy Typ Silnika: 2-suwowy zaburtowy Jakość: 100% Syntetyczny Zakres Produktów: Łodzie API Standardy: API TD / TSC 4 MARINE Standardy: NMMA TC W3 RL-93399K / TC-W / TC-WII Dopuszczenia producentów : CEC L-33-A-93 100% synthetic lubricant lubricant based on Ester-Technology. Biodegradable. For high performance 2-Stroke outboard and jet ski engines with premix or injector lube system, operating at high revs and under high load. A special additive package avoids spark plug fouling, carbon deposit. Mixes instantaneously with gasoline and remains stable. Blue coloured. OUTBOARD SYNTH 2T 2 stroke biodegradable engine oil Outboard and Racing 100 % Synthetic Ester / NMMA TC-W3 TYPE OF USE Designed for high performance 2 stroke engines and direct injection 2 stroke engines. For 2 stroke engines lubricated by premix or by injector : EVINRUDE, JOHNSON, MARINER, MERCURY, SEAGULL, SELVA, SUZUKI, TOHATSU, YAMAHA... For 2 stroke engine of Jet : KAWASAKI JET SKI, YAMAHA.... Particularly recommended for racing and for unleaded gasoline PERFORMANCES APPROVALS : NMMA TC-W3 RL93399K STANDARDS : TC-W , TC-WII / API TD - TSC 4 Biodegradability : CEC L-33-A-93. Very high performant oil without solvent : the 100% ester synthetic based, used in Motul racing oils, ensures a very important reduction of frictions. Engine’s life and performances are increased. Exceeds the NMMA TC-W3 latest standard level (National Marine Manufacturing Association - ex BIA) which regroups main outboard and jet ski manufacturers. Protects environment : the ester base is from vegetal origine and allows the product to pass the CEC L- 33-A-93 biodegradability standard. Formulated to go throw all injector systems. Mixes instantaneously with gasoline and remains stable. A complete additivation system to avoid spark plug fouling, carbon deposit. RECOMMENDATIONS Mixing ratio for premix lubrication : from 1% to 2% according to manufacturers' requirements and adjust according to your own use. PROPERTIES Blue coloured. Density at 20°C (68°F) ASTM D1298 0.929 Viscosity at 40°C (104°F) ASTM D445 49.5 mm²/s Viscosity at 100°C (212°F) ASTM D445 8.4 mm²/s Viscosity index ASTM D2270 145 Flash point ASTM D92 258°C / 496°F Pour point ASTM D97 -42°C / -43°F Biodegradability CEC L-33-A-93 85%