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Motul SPECIFIC Dexos2 5w-30 1L
W 100% syntetyczny olej silnikowy do pojazdów, w których producenci (Opel, Vau...
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Motul Tech Grease 300 NLGI 2 200g

Motul Tech Grease 300 NLGI 2 200g motul oleje
pojemność: 0.2 l
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Zastosowanie: Smary Jakość: Technosynthese Zakres Produktów: Inne pojazdy, Motocykle, Ogród, Quady, Gokarty, Skutery wodne i śnieżne, Samochody osobowe, Łodzie Dopuszczenia producentów : NLGI 2 Technosynthese® multipurpose grease for very high performances NLGI 2. TECH GREASE 300 High Performance Multipurpose Grease Technosynthese – Complex Lithium NLGI 2 – Extreme Pressure TYPE OF USE Very high performance multipurpose grease Greasing of roller bearings, articulations, bearings, hubs, universal joints, ball joint, cables... Suitable for all types of machinery working under normal or severe conditions. Car, Motorbike, Marine, Transport, Civil engineering machinery, industry and farm machines… Particularly efficient in most extreme conditions : high temperature, heavy load, humidity, vibrations and/or long duration of use. Temperatures for use : from -30°C / -22°F to +150°C / +302°F in continuous and up to +200°C / +392°F in peak. PERFORMANCE Multipurpose grease, formulated with synthetic base oil stocks and from complex lithium soap, with extreme-pressure, anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion additivation. ADVANTAGES OF MOTUL TECH GREASE 300: - Excellent performances at high temperature: the drop point higher than +260°C / +500°F allows a continuous use until +150°C / +302°F and punctually at +220°C / +428°F, far higher than classic greases. - Longer life duration compared to classic lithium greases. - Excellent cold properties : pumpability at -30°C / -22°F. - Resistance to heavy loads thanks to its complete high performance extreme-pressure and anti-wear additivation. - Very high resistance to water, corrosion and rust. - Reinforced adherence. Security and reduction of maintenance costs. Designation DIN 51502 : KP 2 P-30 PROPRETIES Color Visual Green Consistency grade DIN 51 818 NLGI 2 Soap Complex Lithium Penetrability - 60 cycles ASTM D217 265 / 295 x10-1 mm Drop point ASTM D2265 >260°C / >500°F Anti-corrosion EMCOR IP 220 0 / 0 FAG FE-9 Test DIN 51 821 F50 > 100 hr at 150°C (302 °F)